Winery weddings in Victoria are one of the classiest and simplest ways to celebrate your marriage. Once you have chosen a winery for your wedding venue, you do not have to do too much, as most wineries in Victoria have function spaces that speak for themselves. While there is no right or wrong way to plan your wedding, here are a few tips on what the best winery weddings in Victoria are planned out.

The wedding ceremony

At most wineries in Victoria, they offer a few options of ceremony locations on their site. The most prominent option is to have the marriage ceremony outdoors with the cascading vineyards as a backdrop for the wedding party. Usually it is an allocated lawn or open garden area where chairs for guests can be set up. Some wineries also have chapels on site created specifically for wedding ceremonies in mind. You will typically have the option to decorate the chapel any way you would like. But for a more interesting setting that you do not see that often, you can be married amongst towering aged wine barrels, for a country-style wedding.

The wedding photography

Perfected technique, great passion and tender love and care are what make the art of winemaking amazing. So you will find that the grounds of wineries in Victoria are well kept throughout, leaving you plenty of choices for wedding photography scenery. You can have a photo shoot right amongst the grapevines, or in the gardens if available. Being photographed amongst the vines could symbolise an intertwining of two lives and starting life as a married couple that will continue to grow together. Alternatively, you can take photographs between rows of aged wine barrels. In a slightly dimmed light, it can produce a romantic and intimate look for your photographs. Being amongst the barrels could symbolise that like fine wine, your relationship will age well.

The wedding reception

If the weather permits, you can have a garden party for your wedding reception. Your guests can enjoy refreshments and the vineyard scenery in the gardens while you have your bridal and groomsmen photo shoot. Then you can return to your guests and enjoy the sun setting over the hills together while sitting down for a full course dinner – complemented with the finest wines in Victoria of course! Alternatively, you can have your wedding reception in an indoor space if there is one on site. And if you are lucky, the function space will offer big and wide windows so that you and your guests can enjoy the sweeping vineyard landscape.

Whether you want a country or contemporary wedding, you will find that the best winery weddings in Victoria are of either type. Wineries in Victoria are in demand, so do not delay in making a wedding venue reservation – book as soon as possible!