Get seafood fresh from wholesalers in Melbourne

The smell of seafood is not a favourite scent to take in for most people in Melbourne. But do you know what’s worse? ­Stale seafood. In some cases, restaurants and cooked seafood dishes can get away with less than the freshest produce in Melbourne, disguising it with strong flavoured sauces and seasonings. But if you want to appreciate the natural tastes of what the ocean has to offer, you had better be sourcing your produce from reputable seafood wholesalers in Melbourne. This is even more essential if you plan on preparing these classic seafood delicacies and meals.

Fresh oysters

Essentially, oysters enjoyed in this way have minimal preparation and little leniency for anything less than fresh. When oysters are damaged or dead, they can go-off very quickly. And no matter how much lemon, lime or seasoning you put on top of it, nothing will cover up the experience of stale oysters. So if you are enjoying oysters uncooked, you better be sure they are the freshest of the best seafood in Melbourne – otherwise your stomach will not be too happy later on.


In true Japanese fashion, the sashimi experience also involves enjoying seafood in an uncooked state. Popular raw fish enjoyed as sashimi in Melbourne include salmon, tuna and kingfish. While you will find sashimi in a variety of sushi bars and shops in shopping malls and streets, it is nothing compared to the finery you find at seafood wholesalers around Melbourne.


When prepared right, prawns have magnificent, strong and distinctive flavours. But when the prawns being used are less than fresh, you can also sense a very obvious difference in taste and texture. Also, when reheating pre-cooked prawns, the meat tends to become very hard. So for tender, succulent prawns, by them fresh!

Moreton Bay Bugs

Although they are an ungodly sight, Moreton Bay Bugs have a distinctive taste and textured meat, being a little sweeter than those of crabs and lobsters. They are not common menu items in restaurants in Melbourne, but that is because they aren’t that widely available. Only the best and reliable seafood wholesalers in Melbourne have these creepy crawlies on offer.

While seafood is available throughout Australia, it can become a case of picking a needle in a haystack when finding a seafood supplier with the best fresh produce. There are many areas in Melbourne you can explore such as in Prahran Market, Queen Victoria Market and South Melbourne Market. But one thing for sure is that finding that ideal Melbourne seafood wholesaler and getting fresh seafood from the market to your plate will please the mouth and senses – guaranteed!