3 Common Rookie Painting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Is your castle looking a little old? Sometimes slapping on a fresh layer of paint on for your home or commercial building is all you need for a brand new look. But as simple as the process may seem, it is also easy enough to get wrong – and blow your budget out of unreasonable proportions. Here are 3 common mistakes made by DIY painters in Melbourne.

  1.     They skip on the prep

Funny enough, a lot of inexperienced interior and exterior painters in Melbourne forget to simply clean the work surface at the beginning! If you’re doing it yourself,make sure you have removed loose paint by scraping off and sanding it smooth. Rid of the cobwebs and dirt that have probably been accumulated over the years by wiping down or hose the area with a power washer and detergent. If you find a couple of cracks and gaps on the surface try and get them covered up before you start (unless a holey surface is the look you’re going for). You should also prime or apply sealer to the surface before painting on it for an even finish later on.

  1.     They scrimp on the tools

The truth is, no matter how expensive or professional your paint selection is, using the wrong paintbrushes and roller covers will ruin the job. The best brushes and rollers will provide better coverage and ultimately save you on wasted paint in the end. If you take proper care of a decent paintbrush and roller, they will be just as good for the next time you want your home or commercial building painted. So don’t scrimp on your tools and equipment if you want a professional painting job done!

  1.     They don’t know actually know what they’re doing

Do you know what type of paints you need to use? Colour is not the only thing you should consider when choosing paints. Different paints will have varying durability, finish and suitability for interior and exterior painting. Then, if you are painting in hard-to-reach and high places, you need to also consider the safety risks you expose yourself to. Do you have a stable ladder or platform that can support your body weight? Or does the job require a professional painter on a harness and cable? Falling of roofs is one of the most common domestic accidents that occur at Melbourne properties, and yet is so easily avoidable! So if you don’t feel safe being in that environment, do not put yourself there.

Depending on how big your work area is and how old the painting surface is, painting the interior and exterior of your home or commercial property can be a massive task. There are plenty of little tips and tricks that can help improve your DIY efforts. But if you are really stuck and unsure, you could save time and money by just calling up your local professional painters in Melbourne instead.

What ever it is you decide, good luck with the painting!